Future Historical Projects.

Check in here later for articles on:

  • A History of the Colby Schools– The eighth school ever built in Kitsap County was erected on the corner of Yukon Harbor Road and Cole Street, designated as School No 8. We’re tracing the way the classrooms were built, how the teachers worked, and the struggle to teach the young people the three R’s and moral values. We need photos and stories about the schools, teachers, and pupils! Please check your old scrapbooks and send what you have. In conjunction with this, we are also donating the original school bell to South Colby Elementary. We should have an announcement as early as April. Stay tuned! 
  • The Orcas of Yukon Harbor– The waters off of Curley Creek were once a prime breeding ground for whales. Then men came here and brought their enterprises. There was tragedy, and the whales (who some say might be the smarter species) left.
  • Long Lake– It was never actually a town, but the farms, businesses, and homesteads around the snake-shaped lake hold a tight social community that dates back generations.

Want to help with any of these? Do you have a snippet or photograph about any of them? Have other ideas for history-related articles? Drop us a note in the comments section, below.

3 thoughts on “Future Historical Projects.

  1. My parents own the house on Long Lake that used to be a convalescent home, and before that the Y-Not lodge. They have a few snippets here and there about the history of the place, back into the 40’s. They also still have the sign from when it was the Y-Not Lodge.

  2. I have seen pictures of a train that ran from Downtown Port Orchard to Long Lake.What route did the train take,and where was the terminus,or station,at Long lake?

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