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  1. Hi , I’m enjoying your site. does anyone know where the old docks for the Mosquito Fleet were located in Manchester and surrounding areas, What is there now, and what time period was it?

    • The pier and auto ferry were both where you’d expect them to be: right at the base of Main Street where the boating pier is today. There are a couple of photos of it in the History of Manchester article on this site. As far as when– there’s a bit of confusion here.

      One or two accounts claim that Manchester’s first steamship dock was built in 1901, but back in those days the homesteads were sparce and Manchester was, essentially, part of the Colby infrastructure (sharing a school, church, post office, etc) so there are statments made by old-timers that “we got a pier” when it was actually two miles to the south. We believe the first formal docking facility (they used offshore floats prior to that) was about 1909, part of the development of vacation lots and the building of the first Manchester Inn. The auto ferry was built in the early 1920’s.

  2. Hi, I live on Virginia st and when I go for a walk I see an old flag pole on California and Maple st. I asked the resident if he knew what used to be located there. He replied the Manchester school. I was wondering if you have a picture of the Manchester school and the flagpole in your vault?

    • Yes, Scott, the original Manchester School was, indeed, at that location. Actually, there were two schools that served the community prior to that; the Colby School and one at Waterman, both referenced as Manchester schools in various documents, but the one at Maple and California is the first one located in the town.

      It was more cottage style than most schools of the era, with a porch that featured “gingerbread” trim. There is a photo of it in KITSAP COUNTY: A HISTORY published by the Kitsap County Historical Society and available at most libraries.

      Thanks for your inquiry.

  3. Do you have any pictures of what I think was the Harper Grange. The building has been torn down in what is now Southworth?

    Thanks, Tony

  4. My wife and I have ownd a house in south colby for over 20 years. It was buitl in 1913. I m looking for information on its history and original owners. Who is a good person in the are that may be able to help me with my research. We are thinking of having a 100 year old party for the home and are tinking of inviting the community. Where would you (anyone) suggest I go to find accurate information about the original owners of the home? Thank you. I have some historical photos of the home from about 1940.

    Richard and Evelyn Patrick, the current address is 4036 Young Hill Ln.
    (360) 473-3104

  5. Does anyone remember Doc Allen who practiced in the South Colby/Harper area? I want to know his first name. He made home calls and lived in South Colby and Harper. He was still practicing in 1951 when I got a Girl Scout physical in his home.

  6. Our family legend has it that during the late 1930’s my father and his parents were living on Blake Island in the mansion while his step father logged the island. After reading several articles this does not seem likely, is it possible that they were squatting? Were loggers hired to work on the island?

  7. I have a photo of Colby School 1898 with Walter Alberts listed on the back as one of the students along with my grandmother’s sister and brothers, Harold, Ben and Florence Foss (Florence is buried in the Colby Cemetery). Also have some other photos that might be of interest. Wondering what the best way would be to share them? I live on Vashon so a trip to Colby/Port Orchard is possible… Appreciate the site!

  8. Just saw in the Kitsap Sun a reference to the Colby Black Oak. I agree up on Yukon Harbor Road and don’t know the tree. Where is it located?

  9. We live on Garfield Ave S.E. The old South Colby School is on the same road,just one place away.The people who moved into it remodeled the interior,but left the outside,including the “Boiler building,and the wood storage building.I have seen pictures of the classes ,showing students on the front steps at the beginning of the school year.The photo was taken in the 1900s,with grades 1-12 in the same building.I wonder what year that school closed,and why it was built up here,so far up the hill from Colby and Yukon Harbor,and why was it named South Colby School,when we are North of the Bridge?

    • Hi Jack, I thought it was called Colby School, but not sure of that. My brother was in the last class which finished in 1948, and then the school closed. I attended 1st grade and half of the 2nd, and then transferred to Orchard Heights (with bus pickup) in ’48. We had to walk to Colby School so the bus ride was nice. Many of the families in the Orchard Heights project left after the war ended and children from further out started to be bussed there, so the school was closed because so many children left. There were only four classrooms, with grades 1-6. Our teacher transferred to Orchard Heights too, following her students there.

    • The town of South Colby was actually a subdivision of Colby, which was established in the 1880’s about a half mile to the North of Curley Creek. Both towns died, but the South Colby school and Post Office remain.

  10. Hello from Vashon Island. Thank you to all who maintain this site. I go over to Port Orchard and vicinity often and am interested to learn the history of the communities there. Does anyone know who Southworth is named for and anything about that person? I am wondering if there is any relationship with the Southworths in my family.

    • The Suquamish referred to it as “High Island” but I suspect that is a either a translation or an Anglicized pronunciation of a native word. Perhaps another viewer will add some insight. –RN.

  11. Hi Folks, Just trying to stir the old memory into action and recall an unused military site on Olympiad Drive. This was back in the latter 1950’s. Just wondering if anyone recalls any history on that site?

    • My mother grew up South Colby she says there was an Army base end of Harvey past the grange This was WWII time. She was born 1932 and still alive There name was Pattee

    • My grand parents owned the green house across the street from the current Colby Methodist church . When they passed the home was sold to the church. My mother knew a lot of the people this site mentions, They bought this home around 1938. My mom was born 1932. There last name was Pattee. My mom is still alive and remembers a wealth of information. She went to school in the four room Colby school along with her two brothers who have long ago passed. My grandmother Violet worked in the brushhouse owned by Dex Everett

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