Who We Are: Members, Associates and Contributors.

The Yukon Harbor Historical Society does not collect dues, nor do we have formal meetings, although with the organization’s rapid growth we will probably need to in the future. We raise funds and get together for formal discussions on an as-needed basis. We consider anyone who provides assistance or makes a “significant contribution” (funds, material donations, written articles, or historical documents) a member.

A partial list of members, associate members and contributors individuals is noted here. Those who are actively doing research or are seeking specific information have emails attached. If you wish to contact any individual without an email address, we will attempt to forward any messages sent to our “Comments” box at the end of this post.

Russell Neyman (Chairman),
Colby WA — nine.man@netzero.net

JB Hall (Vice Chairman), Manchester, WA — j.b.hall@wavecable.com

Mark Williamson (Vice Chairman), Manchester WA — mhwmson@wavecable.com


Johanna Baxter

Jay Blackburn, Gig Harbor WA

Carolyn Blanset

Virginia Blackburn Burgess, Utah

Dick Blumenthal 

Patricia Brown

Janine Chausow

Jay Cline, Harper WA

Fran Cunningham, Silverdale, WA

David Fall, Olalla WA — dfall@buildingart.com

Toni Fuller

Doug Grant, Kansas

John Grinter

Paul Gustafson, Colby WA

Rebecca Guthrie, Manchester WA

Nina Hallett

Don & Sue Holmes — dcsholmes@comcast.net

Annette Holstrom

Arlene Hoyer

Max Huss, CA

Denise Jhanon — dhamjhanson@yahoo.com

Lynne Keniston, Colby WA

Alan Kuppler, Harper WA — fliptoy1@yahoo.com

Sidney Lee, South Colby WA — sidneylee@mac.com

Ann & Doug Levenseller, Manette WA — ann_doug@comcast.net

Jack & Carol Leininger, Manchester WA

JoAnn & Jerry Lorden, Santa Barbara WA — jerrylorden@cox.net

Gary Lorenz

Alan Lowe, Port Orchard WA

Dave & Karen Masters, Manchester WA

Marilyn McCallim

Carolyn McClurkan, Silverdale WA

Edith McKelvy

Reg Morgan, Seattle

Noelle Morris, Manchester WA

Alexander Neyman, Irvine CA

Roger & Leslie Neyman, Forest Grove OR

Roy Neyman, Ballard WA

Sandie Morrison, Manchester WA — morrison_61@msn.com

Dennis O’Connell

Sandy O’Donnell

Cynthia Randall

SaraJane Rants, Colby WA

JoAnn Scott-Smith, Colby WA

Natalie St Tours

Shirlee Toman, Seattle WA

Judith Wood, South Colby WA — Tronder@rainierconnect.com

Joseph Velling

Tom & Ann Warren, Colby WA

Earl Whitner, Modesto CA — earlbw@bigvalley.net

Kane Whistler, Fountain Valley CA

Anita Williams, Bremerton WA

Mark & Janice Williamson, Manchester WA

Bill Zupancic, Manchester WA — mile-hi@q.com

1 thought on “Who We Are: Members, Associates and Contributors.

  1. Hello,
    I just heard the other day that there is a Colby Grange Hall that is vacant and not in use.
    Here on Bainbridge Island, we are just revitalizing our Bainbridge Grange.
    For years there has been a trend of Granges and it’s members diminishing.
    But in the last few years that has been changing as folks find out that you can revitalize these old Granges with an entirely new focus. It really is up to each Grange to decide what that might be. One Grange in Port Townsend just uses theirs for a place to play music,
    Many of us have adopted a new focus on community service. Ours is a focus on sustainability as it relates to farming, gardening and locally grown foods.
    In the first 3 months of our new management, we have doubled our membership and taken in more than $13000.00 in grants and donations.
    If you folks or anyone you know might be interested in more information about this let me know.
    John Steiner – Secretary – Bainbridge I. Grange

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