The Harmons, Harper’s Founding Family.


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By Russell Neyman. In her lengthy accounts of pioneer life in the Harper region, Miriam Grant went into detail how, exactly, the town got its name. The events that led up to that decision reveal how life was in the … Continue reading

The Seventh Span: Bridging Curley Creek.


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“There have been at least seven efforts to build a means to cross Curley Creek. It started with nothing more than a raft and a rope.” Continue reading

The Harper Brick Factory and Bridge.


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  The Harper Brick and Tile Factory pictured above was a huge boon to industry in the local area. Below, is a tired but historical building once used as a “hotel and boarding house” for local workers, mostly those who … Continue reading

The Mosquito Fleet Steamers that Brought Life to Yukon Harbor.


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The term “Mosquito Fleet” is often misunderstood, people thinking that it was an official organization or designation that served all of Puget Sound and Seattle. The truth is that there were so many steamers of varying types and sizes that … Continue reading