At 135, She’s the Oldest Living Resident of Colby Village!


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This time of year, we always see and admire that old tree, so it’s proper and fitting that we move this article to the top of our web page. Continue reading

Manchester: The Tenacious Village with a Historical Past.


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“It has been a bumpy road for the sleepy town of Brooklyn — er, Manchester — but after 120 years all of the other early settlements along the Yukon Harbor shoreline have withered away and are nearly forgotten. This one is a survivor.” Continue reading

The Seventh Span: Bridging Curley Creek.


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“There have been at least seven efforts to build a means to cross Curley Creek. It started with nothing more than a raft and a rope.” Continue reading

Blake Island: Solving the Trimble Mansion Fire 60 Years Later!


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“There were all sorts of theories on why and who torched William Pitt Trimble’s famed house. It turned out it was just an accident by some careless teenagers.” Continue reading

The Colby Bell has returned to Yukon Harbor; Plans for a permanent town monument are in the works.


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The much-traveled iron bell that hung over the Grant & Sons Mercantile in the 1880’s has come home again. A trio of distant cousins — all great-grandchildren of Joseph Squire Grant, Sr, who originally rang it from his store in Colby —  joined … Continue reading